Stretching My Legs

So it’s come to my attention…

that there is a new site that may just be up my alley! It’s called, and it’s neat. It’s a live auction site, and certain items just may fetch a pretty penny. My first scheduled auction is on March 25th. Even if it doesn’t sell (my new bottle, that is) it will still be some pretty good exposure. Maybe I’ll start focusing more on larger objects like this, and less on small jewelry. I absolutely love making bottles, and the clock was really fun, too. Oh, I also tried out some wind chimes. They turned out ugly as sin, but they sound beautiful, and I didn’t even tune them. I think I’ll be investing in more copper soon, they were also really fun to make. So, clocks, bottles, and wind chimes. Sound like items you’d like to buy? I certainly hope so. While not many people have bought my items from Etsy, yet, I have gotten a lot of views. Incense burners also seem to be fairly popular, so I’ll look into making more of those, too. I think I need to focus more on these particular items, instead of just making whatever suits my fancy. I mean, do that, too, but make it a point to keep my shop stocked with the items I just named. That way I can attract collectors. I bet lots of people collect bottles, clocks, and wind chimes. Or maybe that’s just what I’d collect *;) But that’s what’s so fun about making what I make…it’s all stuff I’d love to have for myself. Oddly enough, it’s rare that I make something just for me. I did that the other day, and it’s pretty rewarding. Of course, I kept thinking, “Man…I wonder how much I could sell this for…”

Starting a business is rough. My lovely fiancée is doing very well with his side business selling Jeep mirrors/parts. They’re selling like hot cakes! Probably because it’s a specific item that’s in demand and actually needed, rather than wanted. They’re very good quality, though, he’s a great craftsman, and only the best quality materials will do. His success is inspiring, too, so hopefully once I get a little more publicity, I can sell that way, too.

His success is with Ebay, never had any luck there. People apparently just aren’t looking for what I’m selling on that site. So I’m sticking to places like Etsy, Facebook, WordPress, and now TopHatter to do all my selling. Perhaps I can find a craft show here, soon. I just feel like my inventory is so small! Not that I mind selling things after I make them, I just feel like I need to have more to choose from before I take off to a real life event. Any ideas where to start?


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