Keep Calm, Carry Heat

Every day seems to be going faster, and faster, the closer I get to the end of my Kickstarter project. I’ve decided that if I don’t make it this time, I’m going to try again and again. Each time, I’ll try and improve on the areas that need it, and have different techniques lined up. As for my business, it’s moving along! It may be slow, but I’m learning something new every day. I’ve begun collaborating with other metal clay artists, and it feels good to be around other artists working with the same medium. Don’t get me wrong – I love explaining the process to those who have never heard of it, but self-teaching is a long, hard process. I’m finally finding people to talk to, to ask questions, and to give me professional opinions. *:) It’s interesting. I have a lot of experience working with clay, but not so much working with metal. My wonderful husband is helping me with that, though, and I’m learning enough to really make my pieces amazing. I’m slowly building up inventory in my new shop on The CraftStar, but it’s slow going. Sometimes it seems like every time I turn around something else goes wrong. No worries, however, because every mistake is a learning experience! I’ve recently taken video of the (torch) firing process, and I’ll be posting that, soon. For now, here are some pictures of my latest projects!

This beautiful Drusy set in sterling silver had an unsightly chip on the side within the crystals. I sculpted .999 silver clay into flowers and seashells for a sweet sea life theme that covered the chip *:)

No matter what light, or position, I could not get capture the colors in that gorgeous CZ at the top! Ah well, this piece is signed and stamped .999 silver. Inspired by my latest fascination “Ancient Aliens,” the bottom piece resembles a reflection of the eye in water. As my step-dad said, it reminds me of something found on an archeology dig *:)

This sweet little copper ring was actually brought to life when it was cut from a larger ring I was making for a customer. It began as the trimmings, and using a little extra scrap clay, I made a faux-stone bezel and sculpted a little leaf to go on the side. The stone is a lab-created emerald *:)

Something I’ve come to discover – one more reason living in El Paso, TX is hard – the humidity here is pretty much -9% (Ok, more like 7-10%) which tends to dry this metal clay SUPER fast! For now, I’m having to learn speed-sculpting! However, in December, we’ll be PCSing back home to Louisiana, and I have a feeling not only will it not dry quickly, I’ll probably have to dry it on a warmer over night. So instead of speed-sculpting, I’ll be learning a hard lesson in patience! Something that needs to happen, anyway, I suppose *:)


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