Hello, New Backers!

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re one of my new backers! I’d like to say “Thanks!” for supporting me and my project *:) The learning is going well, now that I have my kiln, I’m able to really get serious with these designs. I’ve had a couple of setbacks, but I’m improvising. When I don’t have clay to work with, I smash a bottle. I’m going my own route and learning to fuse recycled glass! I couldn’t find many tutorials or help with crushed recycle glass. Not for jewelry, anyway. So I’ve made my own glass crusher, I turn bottles into frit, and I just experiment and see what happens. I’ve created a few really cool things, but I’m not sure they’re sale worthy. I’ll probably find some way to use them, though. Once I get the technique down, look for glass pieces in my shop!
Speaking of which, the CraftStar is live! Just through PayPal, right now, but they’re looking to open Direct Checkout here soon. Here is my shop!
I’ve also begun selling book pouches! I recently flooded my house when we had our monsoon season here in El Paso, and a couple of books were ruined. If you know me, you know that’s a tragedy in my house! One was the book “Phantom,” by Susan Kay, which has much sentimental value to me. In an effort to create something special with the fallen pages, I came up with a clear blend of polymer and silicone to coat the pages in. It’s experimental, but I’ve been able to sew small pouch out of them. They appear to be holding up so far, though I’m hoping to get some feedback soon from a customer or two about how everything is going. First lesson – glaze is bad! Other than that, we shall see! They’re also for sale in my shop, along with a magazine-turned-pouch, featuring the Elder Scrolls. They seem to have a faux leather texture. Very cool.
I’m off to begin housework. Ciao!


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